WORLD Coaching Program Teens & Professional Edition includes MindSonar Assesment. ​​

All of our Coaches are

Certified MindSonar Professionals.

What makes WORLD Coaching Program unique? 


  • Whether in transition processes or developing your personal brand MindSonar assessment brings you valuable knowledge of yourself.
  • Ability to identify what makes you happy and how you get motivated in the workplace.
  • Develop a greater purpose in your professional career or in your professional brand.
  • Ability to develop and identify soft skills needed for that job you are looking for. 
  • Develop an inventory of skills, talents and competencies in the area of  life and career.
  • Identify and develop your personal brand with greater self-knowledge, purpose and direction. 
  • Select a new career considering your competitive advantages and motivations. 
  • Many more...


Our commitment is to develop resilient Kids for a changing world.


Our mission is to support Teens in their career selection by focusing on their talents, what makes them happy and their passion.


MindSonar Profile Sample

MindSonar is different from almost all other psychological tests and is NOT a personality test. MindSonar measures how you think in a specific situation. It assumes that you may think differently in different situations. So you will not be ‘put in a box’ or ‘pinned to a type’. MindSonar doesn’t presuppose either that a given thinking style is good or bad. MindSonar assumes that just about any thinking style has their time and place were they can be helpful. ​​

How MindSonar helps Teens and Professionals?


  • Teens will be able to understand their motivations allowing them to choose a career where they  feel challenged, happy and with greater purpose.
  • They will understand what soft skills are compatible for the selected career / and / or they will learn to develop the soft skills necessary for the selected career.
  • Ability to handle emotions, decision-making, develop resilience, empathy, manage change effectively and be able to be assertive in their communication. 
  • ​Many more...


Support professionals on developing their personal brand for a more successful 

life, career or business.  

MindSonar is a web based psychological tool that measures Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Meta Programs (thinking styles)  and criteria (what someone finds important). Meta Programs are the building blocks of the way people think, things like thinking ‘towards’ (focus on goals) versus thinking ‘away from’ (focus on problems). A person’s thinking style is made up of a combination of Meta Programs, making up a unique personal system.Your Meta Programs often have a strong influence on how you behave and your emotional response to a given situation.​