​​​WORLD  is a coaching program which mission is to provide those soft skills that many kids, teens and professionals need to develop in order to have a more successful career.  

The program varies depending on the ages but it is fundamentally base on leadership, life and career coaching. Each participant will have a prior interview in order to evaluate their needs and expectations(kids and teens programs include parents or sponsor interview).

​   Coupled with her many talents, Ms. Negrón is also a military spouse

committed to carrying the messages of empowerment, entrepreneurship

and leadership to other spouses and military families. Mrs.Negrón has been

a transition career counselor for the Army and is currently a personal

brand coach, trainer and HR consultant for different companies,

organizations and professionals in U.S., Puerto Rico and LATAM. 

    She is a Contributing Writer and Collaborator for the Tidewater Hispanic

Newspaper, Renew Magazine, Revista Emily, Virginia Hispanic Magazine

and a blogger for militarynews.com 


   Mrs. Negrón has 9+ years’ of experience specializing in all aspects of personnel management including supervision, training and recruitment. ​In addition to personnel and brand management, Mrs. Negrón has more than 15 years of experience in the education field. She has been Spanish and Conversational English Adjunct Professor, Tutor, Preschool Teacher, and English As a Second Language Aide. Her experience in the education field has been developed through Alaska, Puerto Rico, Florida and Virginia. 

Since 2013, WORLD Coaching Program has supported more than 200 children and their teachers in remote schools in Ecuador.

In 2017, we started granting Scholarships for Teens and their Families for WORLD Coaching Program Teen

Edition Puerto Rico.

​​We are proud supporters of Fundación Stefano. 

Help us bring WORLD to schools and to your country...

Together we can make a difference in the WORLD! ​​

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World Coaching Program provide Teens and the opportunity

to develop the following skills through different coaching techniques:

Wisdom:  develop and reinforce good judgment for daily decision-making, including actions/ thoughts/beliefs/values.

Optimism:  develop confidence and self-esteem through the discovering of talents, opportunities, and            

                        challenges. Provide support through inspiration, exploration and knowledge in order to have successful                                       outcomes.

Resilience:  provide support, exploration and analysis in order to develop the capacity to engage change, emotional                                        intelligence, and empathy.

Leadership Development:​develop inspiring leaders through

coaching techniques that will allow them to be conscious of their

behavior and impact in the world. 

   Ms. Negrón works together with her husband, Alexander Peña, who has more than 18 years of experience in the military, specializing in Human Resources and Leadership. In addition, Mr. Peña has been awarded two baseball scholarships, studying in Kentucky and Arkansas. ​

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How WORLD Coaching  Program Works? 

¡Ya hemos impactado más de 300
jóvenes alrededor del


​​​​They both create a great dynamic by sharing knowledge in the following areas: ​​leadership, career selection, emotional intelligence, life and professionals experiences within Puerto Rico, United States and LATAM.

What WORLD Means?

​​​ WORLD Partners: 

Bianca Negrón Castro

Director of The Coaching Spot, LLc. 

Certified Coach

Brand and HR Consultant

Certified MindSonar Professional

Strategic Partner of MindSonar Puerto Rico 

​"​​​As a military spouse I have learned the value

of my personal brand.

With an unsteady and demanding job market, my brand has been key to my success. Therefore, it was necessary for me to provide an opportunity for all generations... and this is how and why I created WORLD Coaching Program."

- Bianca Negrón