WORLD Teens:

(Ages 13-19)​

En Español: 


Program consist on a school semester class of WORLD Coaching Program or an adaptation of 8 -12 contact hours. 

Objective: ​Through group coaching sessions, dynamics, stories and games kids and pre-teens can explore new possibilities of their enviroment and abilities. The program is based on small groups  where they will explore and develop the following skills: self-esteem, emotion intelligence, optimism, resilience, entrepreneurship and leadership skills. 

Added Value:One Coaching session with parents, where they will receive  an evaluation of their child development through the coaching program. 

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¡Sabes que el programa de coaching, WORLD, también está accesible en español! Te compartimos alguno videos de la Coach Bianca Negrón donde te comparte valiosa información, en español, sobre WORLD y la importancia de seleccionar una carrera que te haga feliz.

WORLD Kids & Pre-teens: (Ages 8-12)

This program is available ONLINE

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 Program consist of life, leadership and career coaching, it can be a school semester class or an adaptation of two day event of 7- 14  hours.

Objective: The teen will identify his/her strengths and talents with the support of MindSonar® assessment.* A career assessment will also be included in order to choose a career aligned to their motivators and soft skills. Our mission is to support teens on choosing a career where they will be happy and successful. The teen will also have the opportunity to understand and create a plan on how to increase the soft skills needed for the career selected. 

Added Value:  The teen will use our unique tools: Career Branding Gap & WORLD GPS(Goal Planning System) *MindSonar®  assessment is used for teens 15 &up.

WORLD Professionalsl

College Students, Transitioners, Leaders

WORLD Professionals

Program consist of life, leadership, and career coaching, it can be a 2-3 day seminar about 

8 - 24 coaching hours.

Objective: Identify strengths and talents to have a life with greater purpose and choose or transitioning to a career with greater success. Develop your personal brand to get the most out of your career. 

Added Value: Includes MindSonar® assessment tool and Career Assessment (if needed).  Evaluation and development of Career Kit: personal brand, resume, social media profiles,  networking, and many others. It also includes our unique tools: Career Branding Gap & WORLD GPS (Goal Planning System)